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Talent Attraction for Business Critical Roles in Data Centres

Vantage Data Centers are one of the fastest-growing data centres worldwide. They have a forward-thinking business model where they utilise AI, machine learning and high-performance computing to support their growth and success. 

They build strong relationships across banking and securitization markets, delivering data centers for leading technology companies, hyperscalers and top cloud providers across the globe. 


The data center recruitment team began working with Vantage Data Centers in 2020 to support with their talent attraction and hiring strategy. Predominantly, the team have focused on mid to senior-level positions, sourcing talent for niche roles in a range of locations across the globe, including Chief Engineers and High Voltage Power Multifunctional Director.

CSG Talent supports Vantage Data Centers with talent attraction and talent pipelining in locations such as Berlin, London, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Switzerland and Wales. The data center recruitment specialists not only support on live vacancies with full role profiles, they also support Vantage Data Centers in building role profiles and establishing the role specification that would add the most value based on business needs.

Sourcing business critical roles for data centres

Data centers across the globe are on a journey to reducing their carbon footprint and creating more sustainable growth plans by reducing the impact data centres have on the environment. As a result, Vantage Data Centers knew they needed to hire an experienced sustainability specialist who could come into the business and assess the issues that needed to be addressed, review running costs and evaluate the full supply chain and business processes to establish where improvements and changes could be made to be more sustainable. 

Given the nature of the role, the data center recruitment team expanded their talent pool of potential candidates by reviewing talent across various industry sectors. The main focus of the role was for the candidate to have a strong background in sustainability campaigns leading on large-scale projects. 

After screening and assessing the suitability of a high number of candidates, the data center recruitment team shortlisted three highly experienced sustainability candidates, two of which were invited to interview with Vantage Data Centers. 

Following successful interviews with both candidates demonstrating the value they could bring to the role and support Vantage Data Centers with their sustainability goals, one of the candidates was successfully appointed Head of Sustainability.

People really are what our data centers are all about, because by supporting the missions of our customers, we’re helping people connect with each other all across the world; meet virtually, whether as co-workers of family; start and run businesses; fully enjoy new technologies; safely archive photos and documents that are truly priceless, or simply irreplaceable to one person.


Working with a data center recruitment specialist

The data center recruitment team at CSG Talent successfully support Vantage Data Centers with their recruitment projects as a result of in-depth knowledge of the market, extensive candidate networks and the time invested in gaining a full understanding of the role to enable them to tailor their search and approach to sourcing the best talent for each role they work on. 

Vantage Data Centers are always impressed with the quality and relevancy of candidates introduced by the data center recruitment specialists at CSG Talent and their involvement in the process, which saves them time and allows them to focus on other priority areas for the business. 

Due to the in-depth insights, the data centre specialists at CSG Talent have of Vantage Data Centers business structure, culture, growth plans and individual roles, the team can effectively sell job opportunities to potential candidates, demonstrating a highly engaging and informative candidate experience. The well-established relationships the team build with candidates allows them to understand what is most important to them on a professional and personal level too. Having this insight ensures the data center recruitment team can be open and transparent early in the recruitment process about candidate motivations and priorities when considering new opportunities. This insight and open communication can save time and challenge when it reaches a potential offer stage to ensure the candidate will be open to accepting job offers presented to them.

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