CSG Talent Working in Partnership

Strategic Pipelining for Highly Skilled Candidates

The Challenge

They had a recruitment requirement to hire multiple Product Managers based in Belgium within a period of six to 12 months.

Our client required a pool of readily available and engaged talent with strong experience in product management to fulfil their recruitment goals. To ensure an efficient and effective talent attraction process, our client required support from the team at CSG Talent.

Our Solution

We recommended a bespoke research project to explore and evaluate the talent landscape in Belgium. Our research team spoke with qualified individuals in relevant organisations to effectively build a future pipeline of engaged talent.

Our in-house research team identified and engaged with both existing Product Managers and individuals who would be ready to step up into a Product Manager role. All of whom would be open to taking on a new role within a six to 12 month period.

The team at CSG Talent gathered a range of information during the research phase, including remuneration packages and expectations, career backgrounds, goals and willingness to transition to our clients business. All to to ensure our client was fully informed during the future hiring process.

We communicated regularly with these individuals during the 12 month period, to ensure they remained fully engaged and open to transitioning.

The Results

We provided our client with a full report containing all profiles of relevant future candidates that were qualified, engaged with the company's brand and open to joining the business. 

Once collated, the information we provided to our client included: Names, Job titles, Employers, Career backgrounds, Career goals, Remuneration packages/expectations, Notice periods, Willingness to transition to our clients organisation.

Research to identify and engage with the relevant pool of candidates was an essential part of the talent strategy process for the business.


The Success

As a result of the candidate profiles we provided, our client was able to fill numerous Product Manager roles at various points, dependent on business needs. This approach not only reduced the company's cost-per-hire but also the time-to-hire. It also significantly contributed to an increase in acceptance rates of candidates choosing to accept offers and join the organisation ahead of competitors.

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