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Sourcing a Digital Consumer Talent

The specialist consumer recruitment team at CSG Talent first engaged with a large consumer client in the summer of 2022 when they introduced a candidate for a senior executive role they were actively recruiting for. The hiring team were impressed by the calibre and relevance of the candidates experience and following the success of this introduction, CSG Talent were invited to pitch to the talent team with the view of becoming a preferred recruitment partner.  


The consumer recruitment team demonstrated the effectiveness of their strong industry and market knowledge alongside an in-depth understanding of the full hiring process and talent attraction strategies, which resulted in CSG Talent being successfully appointed as a recruitment partner to support their recruitment and business growth.  


With CSG Talent operating on an international scale, this brings with it many benefits to be able to support the business with global recruitment needs, communication across time zones and strong market knowledge to highlight differences in geographic locations when it comes to salary, benefits, and workplace environments.  

Some of the key roles our consumer recruitment team have supported have been across sales, marketing and omnichannel business functions with senior executive roles, including Senior Director of Omnichannel Ecommerce, Senior Director, and Omnichannel Ecommerce Channel Manager. 

Sourcing top consumer talent

Previously, the business had heavily relied on the success of advertising campaigns for the recruitment of roles, and with this approach, they were missing out on top passive talent on the market, only reaching talent pools of candidates actively applying for new opportunities. The consumer recruitment team were able to tap into larger pools of candidates with their extensive and well-established networks of experienced consumer professionals.  

The onsumer recruitment team tailor their approach to suit the needs of the business, working on both a contingent or retained basis, dependent on the seniority level and complexity of the role and the talent mapping and talent searches involved. They act as an extension of the business, promoting and selling the brand to candidates who have limited knowledge of the business, this helps support the attraction phase of discussing the opportunity available with candidates.

Working in partnership with a recruiter who demonstrates confidentiality and discretion for business critical roles

Our client continues to grow their global teams across all business operations and varied levels of seniority, as a result they have invested in the growth of their HR and Talent Acquisition functions. The consumer recruitment team at CSG Talent support the talent teams with the recruitment of senior level and strategic positions where strong industry experience and large industry relevant candidate networks are key to sourcing and attracting both active and passive talent.  

The consumer recruitment team continue to have weekly meetings with the talent team to ensure regular updates on business activity, current and future recruitment, alongside additional insights from both parties. 

The recruitment partnership is built on trust and open communication lines. The consumer recruitment team have supported with the recruitment of business critical and senior level vacancies, where confidentiality and discretion has been an important part of the process. CSG Talent will continue to work alongside the talent teams to support overall business growth. 

The frequent contact between CSG Talent and our client has proved invaluable for the recruitment process, ensuring full transparency throughout the process and consistency in communications and building relationships.

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