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SSI SCHAEFER is one of the world’s leading suppliers of systems for intra-company waste engineering and material flows. They design, manufacture and install state-of-the-art machinery across multiple market sectors which include Fashion, Retail & Wholesalers, Food & Beverage, Health care and Cosmetics. SSI SCHAEFER’s product range focuses on stakeholders’ key needs within storage, conveying & transport, picking & handling along with interlinked workstations.

The rising demands faced by modern intralogistics and warehousing can be addressed only through efficient processes and a specifically tailored degree of automation. SSI SCHAEFER possesses specific industry expertise and provides their clients with scalable, robotic solutions and software solutions. They provide an end-to-end innovative services and concentrated IT expertise that only the industry leader can provide.

Working in partnership with CSG Talent

CSG Talent has worked with SSI SCHAEFER in the past placing various roles within the organisation. As the company evolved to include on-site service support for their solutions, CSG Talent evolved with them and supported their Engineering team in sourcing high calibre talent. This required highly skilled mechanical and electrical automation specialists to serve as line service technicians for SSI SCHAEFER. Our Automation and Robotics Consultant Bronwen Webb has developed relationships with key stakeholders within the business including the Head of Solution Engineering and Managing Director. She began discussions with the General Manager for service who looks after delivery of all projects across Australia. Due to the increase in demand for service support and the growing team, there was a need for 10 Mechanical and Electrical Service Technicians, Team leaders and CS Automation Engineers roles across three different states. 

The benefits of working with an automation recruitment specialist

Given the differing needs of each location the team gained an in-depth understanding of each site’s specifications and role requirements, building relationships with Engineer Managers to understand what they were looking for in these new positions.

As automation recruitment specialists having in-depth knowledge of industrial and warehouse automation across the globe, the team at CSG Talent understand the relevant qualifications and skillsets required, and the terminology of specific programs and machinery used in the industry, proving invaluable to the hiring process for SSI SCHAEFER.

CSG Talent’s approach is built on strong relationships with clients, not only understanding the roles they’re recruiting for, but taking the time to really understand the company culture at SSI SCHAEFER. This holistic understanding of the business enables the automation recruitment team to hire long-term individuals who meet SSI SCHAEFER’S technical requirements but also find the right person to fit the company’s ethos and passion to continue to grow and improve.

With a huge network of automation professionals from long tenure within the market, the automation recruitment team were able to tap into a vast industry specific talent pool. Through a targeted talent attraction strategy, the team approached both active and passive talent via online and offline channels.

An initial screening process was conducted to ensure relevant candidates progressed to the more technical interview where a full gap analysis assessment covering all the role requirements was undertaken.

Throughout the entire process the automation recruitment team acted as brand advocates for SSI SCHAEFER. With a thorough understanding of the role and the organisation they could effectively showcase the automation job opportunities and discuss the technical details of the projects the successful candidate would be involved. CSG Talent maintained consistent communication with the client who had trust in the automation recruitment team’s approach which was systematic and effective.   

Successful hiring strategies with CSG Talent

This sophisticated and targeted approach resulted in over 500 applications being received for roles across NSW, VIC and QLD. From this, CSG Talent were able to shortlist 80 applications that were progressed to the client for consideration. With such a huge volume of applications, the automation recruitment team were able to assess and review candidate suitability and only send the most relevant candidates to SSI SCHAEFER, saving a significant length of time for the client.

As a result of a strong shortlist of suitable candidates, the interview process commenced, with CSG Talent included within the SSI SCHAEFFER interview panel, not only allowing the automation recruitment team to enhance the hiring process through their experienced approach, but SSI SCHAEFFER highlighting the trust and confidence in CSG Talent being involved in the hiring decisions for the business.

With a high number of successful automation placements now fulfilled, the relationship between CSG Talent and SSI SCHAEFER continues to go from strength to strength, working in partnership to achieve business growth and attracting highly skilled automation talent to join the business on an ongoing basis. 


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