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Project44 are a high growth technology start up who have experienced significant success in the North America and EMEA regions, with considerable growth plans for international expansion in regions such as LATAM, APAC and ANZ.

Project 44 drive innovation, exploring solutions to tech issues that can greatly impact the global supply chain. The team at Project 44 have developed a platform for shippers and logistics providers with world leading software to improve efficiencies in the industry.

The Brief

Project44 first engaged with CSG Talent in a bid to enhance their talent acquisition and hiring strategy for many business-critical roles following substantial external investment.

Being a high growth technology start up, project44 had experienced significant success in the North America and EMEA regions, and were now looking to launch an international expansion plan with considerable growth in new regions such as LATAM , APAC and ANZ.

Jonathon Walmsley, Associate Director and Global Headhunter within SaaS and Supply Chain Software was heavily involved in initial conversations with project44 to demonstrate the value CSG Talent could add to project44’s hiring strategy. Jonathon was keen to demonstrate the global outreach and capabilities of CSG Talent, the open and transparent communication style and the consultative approach of the team.

The team at CSG Talent were aware of potential challenges and how to address these to make a positive impact on the hiring process, based on prior experience working with start-up organisations within this space. Being flexible, adaptable, and demonstrating versatility to changing needs and requirements was essential to facilitating a successful relationship and partner for their recruitment.

Project44 were keen to attract and hire the best talent in the market. They wanted to explore a diverse a talent pool and review attractive salary packages to ensure they could appeal to candidates above their competition. Engaging with CSG Talent to advise on this was essential to an effective hiring strategy for project44.

The Process

CSG Talent dealt with multiple decision makers across various global regions, this resulted in extensive work across multiple time zones, research to establish differentiators across location and adapting the approach to suit the needs of each area.

Project 44 retained CSG Talent for their services for this large-scale project. The team endeavored to source the best talent available and conducted thorough research to enable them to be in the best position to not only advise project44, but to ensure they were approaching the most relevant and skilled talent on the market. The team at CSG Talent put their all into executive search and pride themselves on their success rate on the fulfillment of recruitment projects for their clients.

To ensure effective communication lines and progress across the globe, project44 were appointed two main points of contact; Jonathon Walmsley based in the UK and James Slaven, based in Australia. Jonathon has extensive experience providing executive search and talent mapping within SaaS and Supply chain recruitment. James has a wealth of experience in supply chain, logistics operational recruitment.

We worked closely with the internal talent team and hiring managers to not only understand the brief and deliver a bespoke solution, but to also map the hiring landscape in regions that project44 previously had limited physical presence. The result was a successful campaign that allowed our client to execute their hiring plans effectively.


The Results

CSG Talent were instructed to perform searches for 65 new positions for project44, all of which were successfully carried out. Due to the nature of start-up organisations, changing needs and approaches, several of the original searches required significant flexibility from CSG Talent. Positions were often shifted to include new locations and additional requirements, therefore CSG were often required to adapt their approach to meet the changing needs of project44.

CSG Talent made placements across the following business functions from a mid to senior level; Sales, Customer Success, Solutions Engineering, Solutions Delivery, Carrier Network, and Senior Management.

CSG Talent have built a strong network of talent within supply chain and logistics, have in-depth knowledge of the market, trends and movements within, putting them in the prime position to support innovative businesses keen to grow and push forward.

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