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Overcoming Limited Talent Pools in Proteomics

Olink Proteomics are a Swedish business who deliver proteomics solutions to support scientists with proteomic research. They provide advanced products and services for protein biomarker discovery, dedicated to drive innovation, quality and transparency in their work. With a strong global presence built up in a short space of time, Olink Proteomics is now a NASDAQ-listed organisation with a huge portfolio of flexible protein biomarker solutions. 

The Brief

After Olink Proteomics went public on the stock exchange, Lexie at CSG Talent reached out to the Chief Financial Officer. Having strong experience within this field, Lexie knew the next step businesses at this stage of development would require was the hire of additional internal resource. Lexie was keen to highlight a candidate she was working with who had a wealth of experience in Investor Relations and could add value.

Following initial engagement, CSG Talent were appointed by Olink Proteomics to facilitate the hire of a VP Investor Relations & Capital Markets. This role was a first of function where previously this area of the business had been outsourced through a consultancy.

Olink Proteomics were keen to appoint someone with Investor Relations experience, to ideally be based in one of the main hubs of New York or Boston. It was also key for the ideal candidate to have a background in genomics or sequencing, which added to the complexity of the brief.

The Process

Lexie was aware the talent pool for this niche role would be quite limited, with investor relations roles being relatively new to the genomics market. She initially carried out a market mapping exercise to establish the talent pool available within sequencing and protein sequencing organisations. With the limited pool, she also identified Financial Advisors with experience in investor relations to build up a pool of candidates with transferable experience for the opportunity.

By utilising her strong network of contacts, with a predominant focus on LinkedIn, Lexie contacted 90 potential candidates which after in-depth screening and conversations, resulted in a strong shortlist of six suitable candidates. All six shortlisted candidates were interviewed by Olink Proteomics, one of which was successful in securing the role of VP Investor Relations & Capital Markets.

From introduction to accepted offer, working with Lexie as a candidate was a pleasure. She was responsive and knowledgeable about her client, their needs and process, and what kind of fit they were looking for (culturally and experience-wise). I highly recommend Lexie for candidates and companies alike.

Olink Proteomics - VP, IR and Capital Markets

The Result

The Chief Financial Officer and Chief People Officer worked closely with Lexie throughout the entire recruitment campaign. They were impressed by the consistent and transparent communication from CSG Talent alongside their expert knowledge of the market. With it being a lengthier recruitment process, the team were always made aware of challenges or updates on the status of the hiring process. Olink Proteomics were delighted with the excellent service delivered by CSG Talent and the successful candidate quickly made a huge impact on the business.

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