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Finding top-tier talent in emerging and specialised markets with limited talent pools

MOV.AI is a Robotics Engine platform with an intuitive web-based interface. The MOV.AI platform hosts everything needed to build, deploy and control intelligent robots. MOV.AI completely changes the way Autonomous Mobile Robots are developed, having a positive impact on time to market, cost, and flexibility. 

Sourcing a specialist recruiter in AI/Technology

Dwayne, specialist AI/Technology recruiter at CSG Talent first approached MOV.AI when he reached out to a colleague of a hiring manager who later introduced him to the VP of Engineering. He spent time researching the organisation through their online platforms and established a potential candidate he had been working with who would be a great fit for the business, he sent over their CV as a speculative candidate for MOV.AI to consider. The CV was well received and highlighted the expertise of this market at CSG Talent, having access to talent that would add immediate value to MOV.AI.

MOV.AI had previously worked with recruitment agencies and at the time of CSG Talent first engaging with them they had been struggling to attract talent for a Senior Back-end Engineer for around 12 months. With talent shortages and limited talent pools in this relatively new and niche market, other recruiters without industry relevant experience had yet to present quality and experienced candidates for this role.

Challenges in attracting talent with niche technology skillsets

MOV.AI were having issues recruiting for this key position of senior back-end engineer because of the high volume of opportunities available to candidates on the market. With candidates having the luxury of multiple potential career prospects at a wide range of organisations all seeking digital experience this made candidate attraction a huge challenge form MOV.AI.

Not only is candidate attraction a core challenge for many businesses like MOV.AI within the industry, but it’s also increasingly difficult for them to present their company journey, culture and vision in the most appealing way to attract talent. The leadership and hiring team struggled to gain buy-in from potential candidates as part of the candidate journey throughout the hiring process. This is where Dwayne played a key role in both candidate engagement and consulting with MOV.AI on the right communications to share with candidates to increase buy-in, engagement and level of interest in the role and the company itself. A specialist industry recruiter acts as an extension of the brand throughout the hiring process, sharing insights and information much deeper level than what can be viewed on websites and online platforms – hugely beneficial to increase buy-in and candidate engagement, resulting in a more successful recruitment process.

Initial engagement through to job offer acceptance – Quick timescales with hiring

Our specialist AI/Technology recruitment expert first engaged with MOV.AI in late August 2023, with exploratory calls in the first weeks of September, and terms signed in October. At this point, after detailed conversations and MOV.AI gaining a greater understanding of CSG Talent, their expertise and success in placing talent in similar organisations, the VP of Engineering agreed to work in partnership with the AI/Technology recruitment team. Within a matter of weeks, strong shortlists were delivered, interview process carried out and offer through to acceptance with a confirmed start date for the successful appointment. 

Building effective communications and relationships with businesses to get results

Effective and regular communication with clients CSG Talent work in partnership with prove successful throughout the hiring process. The AI/Technology recruitment team outlined their processes from the start, indicating when communications would be delivered and what they would involve. The team were keen to ensure MOV.AI were aware of the work to be carried out and at what point updates would be provided to manage expectations and make best use of time for both parties.

Weekly updates were delivered to highlight progress, challenges, general updates. Fortnightly calls between MOV.AI and the AI/Technology recruitment team at CSG Talent were put in place where deeper conversations could be had, centred around candidate profiles, and an opportunity for both parties to ask and respond to questions and where solutions could be discussed. 

I cannot recommend Dwayne highly enough for talent acquisition partnerships. The attention to detail, work ethic, and results he delivers make sourcing and securing top candidates remarkably efficient. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Dwayne and look forward to working with him again soon. He has my wholehearted endorsement.

Ron Lederer - VP of R&D – MOV.AI

What makes the AI/Technology recruitment team at CSG Talent stand out from others in the market?

We asked Dwayne how he differentiates himself from other recruiters in his market and the factors that allow him to achieve desired results for both his client and candidates, he shared his thoughts:

“A key part of my process is persistence, in recruitment, it often takes time to build relationships with candidates and clients, and many stages and potential challenges throughout the process. Ensuring I’m persistent, re-visit and continually look to achieve results, this allows me to be successful in my role.”

The AI/Technology recruiters are very consultative in their approach, and not afraid to challenge clients to encourage them to adapt their approach and consider market insights and the knowledge of the recruitment experts within their industry. 

What MOV.AI think of the expertise, pace and precision displayed by the AI/Technology recruitment team at CSG Talent

Our team of specialist recruiters are always keen to hear feedback from clients, not only to hear about positive experiences, but also to establish ways we can improve and enhance both our client and candidate experience. We heard from Ron Lederer, VP of Research & Development at MOV.AI who shared his extremely positive feedback on his experience working with CSG Talent and this only highlights the way in which our expert recruiters support businesses with their hiring and talent attraction needs.

“I am delighted to recommend Dwayne for his impressive work and expert assistance with a recent recruitment effort at my company. As we were looking to fill a crucial open position on our team, I had the opportunity to partner with Dwayne on finding the ideal talent for the role. Dwayne's diligent efforts and professional approach delivered fantastic results throughout the process. 

Dwayne was incredibly attentive and detail-oriented at every turn. He helped to source highly qualified candidates that aligned perfectly with the position's requirements. The resumes he supplied for screening were consistently of the highest calibre. Beyond his stellar capabilities to identify and engage talent, I was also pleased with how organized and responsive he remained through offer and acceptance. 

His hands-on communication, scheduling coordination, and follow-up efforts kept things running seamlessly on both sides. Ultimately, Dwayne enabled me to fill this vital role with a perfect candidate in record time. I credit his unrelenting drive, technical expertise, and recruiting best practices for delivering such a positive outcome. He was an absolute pleasure to work with thanks to his consummate professionalism and his approach.

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