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Lynx Resources

The Brief

Fusion Capital and Orion Mine Finance established Lynx Resources Ltd in 2015 to acquire one of the largest zinc, lead and silver mines in Europe. They were looking for a recruitment partner to place several high-profile roles in their company.

A Complex Assignment

CSG had worked for Lynx previously on two contingent roles – most notably the Chief Geologist – but were enlisted on a retained basis to find them a General Director given the complexity of the assignment and the short time scale. That way, CSG could use their full resources, and devote their time solely to this project.

The position required a candidate with very specific linguistic skills, strong management and regional experience. The company needed someone who could speak a degree of Slavic/Macedonian, and who had the ability to bring the mine and its workforce up to ‘’Western’’ standards, and into modern times.

This was particularly difficult given the small talent pool in the mine’s district; Macedonia and the Balkan region surrounding it are not typically associated with the mining industry compared to areas like West Africa, Australia and Canada.

A contingent search would have therefore fallen short of the standard of candidate needed - this required extensive networking through industry recommendations and pro-active headhunting.

Fast Results

Within three weeks, CSG produced a final list of three specialist candidates – all experts in underground methods, mine management and Balkan culture – of which two were interviewed and one received the job offer.

The entire process took just three weeks, and shortly following this role, CSG worked on another project with Lynx Resources, recruiting their Finance and Administrative Superintendent.

CSG’s consultant is still in contact with Lynx’s CEO, who now works as CEO at Lynx’s holding company, Orion Mine Finance, following the mine’s recent acquisition by Central Asia Metals (CAML). We look forward further recruitment assignments with their company, sourcing expert talent to fill the industry’s niche roles.

Lynx Resources engaged with CSG Talent for the recruitment of a complex and key role for the business. This required extensive networking through CSG's wide talent pool and industry network, alongside pro-active headhunting.

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