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JAG Process Solutions (JAG), a prominent name in automation, excels in crafting user-friendly process plants and robotics systems. Beyond installation, JAG offers ongoing maintenance, support, and consultation, setting a benchmark for industry innovation. JAG partnered with Ryan Goodricke, Business Manager of CSG Talent to overcome their recruitment hurdles and secure a specialised Business Development Manager (BDM) and a Senior Automation Software Engineer.

Finding a recruitment partner who aligns with your business outlook:

Established in Europe, JAG’s presence in the Australian market was a smaller, highly specialised business. JAG's expertise in the pharmaceutical industry created a niche, while potential candidates often sought broader opportunities. JAG looked to place the roles themselves but were unable to find the right people. To expand their search efforts, they engaged CSG Talent, recognising a shared commitment to a personal and tailored approach. The alignment of CSG's culture, centred on genuine relationship building, resonated well with JAG's outlook. Unlike the traditional corporate approach, CSG's collaboration with JAG was marked by candid conversations, transparency, and a deep understanding of JAG's unique requirements.

Leveraging Networks for Success:

Recognising the challenges JAG faced in their previous attempts at recruitment, Ryan ran advertising campaign and conducted strategic headhunting to identify hidden gems within the industry that met JAG’s requirements. Ryan also leveraged CSG Talent's expansive candidate database, featuring professionals from a spectrum of affiliated markets.

Aligning Talent with Culture and Values:

Crucially, our consultant was committed to align candidates not only with technical requirements but also with JAG's distinctive culture. Through initial discussions, Ryan gained insights into why JAG envisioned candidates joining their team. With JAG's emphasis on adaptability, collaboration, and growth, Ryan was able to craft a detailed profile of the ideal candidates. This entailed probing candidates on their motivations for change, their preferences in company culture, and their openness to embracing new challenges. The intersection of JAG's aspirations and candidates' personal and professional goals became the cornerstone of Ryan's approach. By matching unique aspects of both JAG and the candidates, he ensured a holistic alignment beyond just technical fit.

Refined selection:

The selection process was a meticulous endeavour, aligning with JAG's distinctive culture and role prerequisites. For the coveted BDM position, Ryan shortlisted six candidates, JAG invited four for interviews which led to two candidates proceeding to the final stages, and eventually, one shining candidate being offered the role. Interestingly the candidate hired had experience differing to what JAG were originally looking for. Ryan's keen eye identified how the candidate's distinct skill set could seamlessly translate to JAG's unique market landscape and even extend their current BD efforts. This successful match was a testament to the astute understanding cultivated between Ryan and JAG. Similarly, the hunt for a Senior Automation Software Engineer witnessed the shortlisting of five candidates. Three of these were invited to showcase their expertise in interviews and one standout candidate emerged as the perfect fit. Notably, the remaining two candidates, though not selected for this specific role, earned consideration for other opportunities due to their exceptional potential.

Ongoing Partnership:

The partnership between CSG Talent and JAG has resulted in more than just successful placements. Beyond these two pivotal roles, an ongoing relationship has flourished. CSG Talent's dedication to comprehending JAG's distinct culture, role prerequisites, and business aspirations has established a solid foundation. As JAG continues to evolve, CSG Talent continues to be a trusted recruitment partner.

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