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IDEX are a huge global organisation with presence across North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe, operating in over 90 locations across the globe within highly diverse industries. They are a leading supplier of engineered industrial and technology solutions for niche markets. As a business, they offer a unique approach which sets them apart from others within their field and they are focused on consistent growth across the globe. As a business, IDEX are focused on creating a values driven culture with high performing teams and an environment where development opportunities are widely available. They are customer centric and highly innovative in their approach, striving for a streamlined and profitable business by utilising resources effectively and reducing complexity of internal processes. 

Sourcing the best Engineered Products recruiter

The Engineered Products recruitment team began working in partnership with IDEX in 2020, this was a result of consistent communication between the talent acquisition team at IDEX, and the recruiters at CSG Talent. In the early stages, the team at IDEX didn’t feel the need to engage with the recruitment team at CSG, however as a result of CSG Talent presenting high calibre, relevant talent over a lengthy period of time, alongside in-depth conversations around the market, asking the right kind of questions to get to know IDEX in great detail, the recruitment partnership began.

The recruitment team at CSG Talent have built strong relationships with the talent acquisition team, with open and honest communication at all times. With specific points of contacts in both business, it ensures consistency and in-depth understanding to enable the partnership to work so effectively.

The importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the hiring process

IDEX are a business who are passionate about diversity and inclusion, it’s part of their core values as a business and is a huge focus for their recruitment and hiring strategy. Engaging with a specialist recruiter that not only has the knowledge of the market, but one that shares the same passion and focus for D & I was important to IDEX.

We frequently receive positive feedback from both clients and candidates in relation to diversity and inclusion, the team at CSG work with clients to champion female talent and place them in high level leadership roles.

In a time where Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic, I wanted to highlight my recent interaction working with CSG Talent. The team are great executive recruiters who specialise in placing executive female leaders. They understand the importance of diverse thought and aren't afraid to challenge the status quo.


Working with an Engineered Products recruitment specialist

The partnership between IDEX and CSG Talent works seamlessly, enabling IDEX to achieve their headcount and growth objectives with a successful hiring strategy.

What makes CSG Talent a great recruitment partner for IDEX?

The Engineered Products recruitment team at CSG Talent have successfully delivered on the IDEX objectives of hiring highly scalable and diverse senior level talent. The recruiters are on top of their market, highly knowledgeable of business structures and processes within HVAC and Engineered Products, have an expansive networking of candidates and are proactive in ensuring they remain ahead of competition.

To successfully source the right talent and experienced HVAC and Engineered Products professionals for IDEX, the recruitment specialists at CSG Talent deliver time and time again, with both efficiency and quality of candidates. This is a result of knowing their market in great detail and having a constant pipeline of suitable high calibre candidates they know would be a perfect fit for IDEX, both skills based, and team fit.

While the main communication is between the talent acquisition team and the specialist Engineered Products recruiters surrounding talent attraction and hiring strategy, CSG Talent also build relationships with the relevant hiring managers to really understand the business function, management style and team fit, this allows the team to effectively match the right talent and share deep insights on the role and organisation to potential candidates. Not only does this improve the success of sourcing the right talent for IDEX, it also has a positive impact on the candidate experience.


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