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Austral Bricks

The company has a well-established national presence with manufacturing and sales facilities in every state. It has long been at the forefront of product innovation and efficient, sustainable production processes. The introduction of robotic brick handling equipment and the ongoing pursuit of energy and resource efficiencies has enabled Austral Bricks to maintain its competitive edge.

CSG Talent began work with Austral Bricks in early 2021, and the Manufacturing recruitment team has already placed multiple candidates, working in a close partnership with the talent team at Austral Bricks.

The Brief/The Challenge

Chris English, Business Consultant within Automation & Manufacturing, was heavily involved in initial conversations with Austral Bricks to show the value CSG Talent could add to their hiring strategy. He effectively demonstrated CSG Talent’s approach, professionalism, and expertise. CSG Talent have worked exclusively with Austral Bricks to recruit a number of key people across their manufacturing facilities within Australia.

Additionally, when hiring new team members, the recruitment team at CSG Talent had instructions to increase the gender diversity in our client’s team. Gender diversity was vital for the company to have a wider talent pool, enhance collaboration within teams and foster equality in the workplace. Austral Bricks were keen to source candidates with relevant industry expertise and people who fit their culture and align to company values.

The Process

Following the full brief from the client and their requirements, the team at CSG Talent began contacting a diverse range of suitable candidates within our large network for each position. As part of the hiring and candidate attraction process, in-depth job advertisements were promoted on the most relevant platforms and channels to attract high calibre candidates. Alongside this, proactive searches were carried out to ensure all potential candidates were reached, both active and passive.

After conducting an initial search and engaged in conversations with candidates, the best matches for the company’s requirements, culture, and industry knowledge were shortlisted. From this, eighty percent of the shortlisted candidates were invited for an interview and hired by Austral Bricks.

The Results

The Manufacturing recruitment team successfully filled twelve roles, four in Sydney and eight in Melbourne, within a short period of time. They placed highly qualified candidates to help increase gender diversity, productivity and accelerate the manufacturing process at Austral Bricks.

CSG Talent now collaborates closely with Austral Bricks to support their hiring process. Our Business Consultant, Chris English, is currently working on nine more roles for this company’s operations in Sydney, where he provides regular updates with consistent and transparent communication, fostering the relationship with Austral Bricks.

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