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Founded in 1985, the company was built to import exclusive Italian floor and wall finishes to Australia with a focus on sourcing unique products that have a simple and natural intrinsic beauty.

With showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Artedomus has been sourcing unique interior and exterior finishes from around the world and introducing them to the Australian market for the past 35 years. Their outstanding offering has made them a source of reference and inspiration for leading architects and designers.

CSG Talent’s specialist Construction and Building Materials Recruiter Bianca Yorke-Davies made initial contact with Artedomus in 2018. The Sales Director had previously experienced poor results from recruiters so was reluctant to engage with CSG Talent. Throughout the year, Bianca remained in close contact with Artedomus to stay up to date on business activities and nurture the relationship.

Bianca proactively reached out to Artedomus with a potential candidate working for a competitor, knowing this type of experience would be of interest to the business. Following a successful interview process, the candidate was hired to drive operations from their Perth office.

Recruiting a Senior Position in a New Market

Following success of placing a key member of their team in Perth and ongoing communications, CSG Talent were approached to fulfil a Business Development Role in Sydney. This role required strong experience to enable the individual to penetrate a new market with their latest product. Artedomus were seeking a candidate with relevant industry experience and success at breaking into this new market. To secure the relevant individual, CSG Talent needed to tap into a new talent pool to source the necessary skills and experience.

Bianca at CSG Talent took the time to meet the team in Sydney, knowing the importance of getting to know the business, gaining valuable understanding of the product offering and the team culture. By spending time understanding the clients’ requirements from both professional experience and personal attributes, Bianca felt confident to fulfil the role.

The Process

A full networking campaign in the new market was conducted along with targeted headhunting from competing businesses to attract candidates with the necessary skills.

Throughout the interview process Bianca’s aim was to get to know everything about the candidate, from their interests outside of work and their family life to their preferences in working styles and what drives them in their career. It was important for her to get as much insight into the candidates to ensure they can fulfil the requirements of the role and fit into the team culture.

The CSG Talent interview process presented four strong candidates for the role, all of which were interviewed by Artedomus.

CSG Talent identified a role which matched my skill set, previous work experience and salary expectations. They maintain unique relationships with their clients (both employer and prospective employee) which ensure that the fit between both parties is synergistic.

- Candidate Feedback

The Results

Bianca successfully placed the role with Artedomus and consistently followed up with the client post-placement to ensure the candidate was fulfilling the requirements of the roles.

The successful placement helped solidify the relationship between CSG Talent and Artedomus. Bianca’s commitment to understanding the business and finding the right people to join the team has provided the client with the assurance that Bianca is more than capable of fulfilling their recruitment needs on an ongoing basis. Bianca has now made 10 placements for Artedomus and continues to have a strong relationship with the team and a preferred recruitment partner for Artedomus.

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