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10x Genomics are a global organisation who deliver comprehensive tools that fuel significant scientific discoveries to advance human health. As a business they lead the way in their field, with significant recognition in the Scientist Top 10 Innovations Award over the last decade. The team of dedicated scientists have a strong track record in creating innovative instruments, reagents and effective software that support the analysis of biological systems. 

The Brief

10x Genomics had successfully hired six out of an eight headcount growth plan but were experiencing difficulties in appointing a Spatial Market Development and Customer Engagement Manager. Having spent a large amount of time sourcing potential candidates, the talent team at 10x Genomics were struggling to engage with candidates that either had the relevant experience, or those that were interested in the opportunity. Following challenges with talent attraction, 10x Genomics engaged with CSG Talent to support their hiring strategy.

The brief was to source a candidate who had sales experience within spatial transcriptomics, had a strong understanding of customers needs, product launches and product management. While sales experience was essential for this role, they were keen to source someone who was looking for a more marketing and product focused role.

The Process

Within the first couple of weeks of the initial brief, Lexie at CSG Talent provided a strong shortlist of suitable candidates for the role of Spatial Market Development and Customer Engagement Manager. Lexie was proactive in approaching the best talent on the market, where she had in-depth conversations about the role, the business, the culture, the vision for moving forward and growth plans. She effectively worked as an extension of the talent acquisition team at 10x Genomics and was able to confidently engage with candidates who were both suitable for the role and heavily invested in the opportunity. 

The Results

From the initial brief to the successful appointment of the new role, the full process took a short six weeks. CSG talent not only worked effectively in securing the best candidate on the market for the role, but they were efficient in their approach, meeting the urgent needs of 10x Genomics to fulfil this role to support their business objectives and growth plans.

With the new Spatial Market Development and Customer Engagement Manager in place, this has allowed 10x Genomics to scale up their new product launch and gain an advantage in the market ahead of their competitors.

To speak to our expert Life Science team and to find out more about their industry specialisms visit their division page.

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