Tasha Plumb

Senior Marketing Executive

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Tasha joined the marketing team at CSG Talent in the summer of 2021. Her degree in Marketing and Advertising Management ignited a passion for the industry and opened up Marketing and Employer Brand focused roles in an agency setting, as well as higher education and property development.

As part of the marketing team, Tasha is involved in all aspects of marketing activities for the business with a specific focus on social media management (paid and organic), predominantly LinkedIn and Instagram. The marketing team are working on a number of projects to help support business growth, with exciting developments in the coming months.

Tasha is also a member of the D&I committee where she contributes to ensuring we promote an inclusive and social environment for all existing employees and for attracting new talent to the business.

“Prior to this I had never experienced such flexibility and autonomy to shape my career on both a personal and professional level. I feel the management at CSG give their full backing and support on how you want your career to develop and how to mold your role into something you enjoy and are challenged by, but are also able to achieve balance with life outside of work. It's a truly unique place to be on every level and I'm excited to see how we progress both as an organisation and a relatively new marketing team over the coming years!"