Abby Child

Academy Manager

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Abby is our UK Recruitment Academy Manager. She plays a key role in identifying, recruiting and onboarding academy members. Abby is also responsible for delivering our Recruitment Academy, and providing consultants with the skills and resources they need to progress on a successful recruitment journey. Abby helps to develop and train academy members in all aspects of the recruitment cycle including building their industry knowledge to ensure they become experts within their specialist fields.

A key part of Abby’s role is engaging with talented individuals, who are interested in starting their career journey as Executive Search Specialists. Abby is keen to hear from individuals regardless of background as long as they have a passion for their work, the right mindset and a desire to join CSG Talent and develop as industry specific recruiters. On graduation of The Recruitment Academy, members will have the tools and knowledge to join one of CSG’s specialist teams, where they will continue to develop and progress their career.

“Seeing someone progress in their career is something that has always motivated me. I love having the opportunity to support and nurture talent and seeing them develop. If I can provide the best path possible for someone to succeed and then seeing them flourish is something that truly inspires me.”