12Jun, 2024

SKILLS FIRST HIRING: Combat Talent Shortages with a Skills-First Approach to Hiring


CSG Talent - Live Webinar


CSG The Global Talent Experts

Guest Speakers

Cyre Denny

Global Program Director - Schneider Electric

Louise Gregory

Head of Global Talent Acquisition - Anglo American

Milda Saenz

Chief of Staff - Energy X

Andy Shatwell

CEO - CSG Talent

About this event

Join us for our webinar SKILLS FIRST HIRING: Combat Talent Shortages with a Skills-First Approach to Hiring on Wednesday, 12th June at 15:00 GMT.

We will be joined by a panel of industry leaders and talent acquisition specialists who will be sharing their own insights and experiences of skills first hiring - what they did, how they did it, the challenges they encountered and share successful hiring approaches that other Leaders, Hiring and TA functions will be able to apply to their own hiring processes. They will be exploring the following key topics: 

  • Top skills in demand across various industries
  • Digital transformation and the impact on the talent you need in your business to thrive
  • How businesses are adapting to attract and retain core skill sets
  • Skills-first hiring practices and how to implement them
  • Evolving hiring strategies for a future-proof workforce

Introducing Our Panellists:

Cyre Denny is the Chief Operations Officer, managing a global network of teams across 40+ countries and overseeing $300M+ in operations. She spearheads efficiency initiatives, focusing on streamlining programs, reducing costs and time to market. 

As a visionary leader, she collaborates with top executives to set the company's direction, operational strategy, and resource allocation. She translates this vision into actionable goals, driving performance, growth, and successful program implementation. Her strong leadership skills enable her to creatively solve business challenges.

Milda Saenz is a sustainability-focused executive with 15+ years of experience in commercializing new technologies and managing intellectual property. With an MBA and an LL.M. in IT/IP law, she has a strong background in renewable energy and climate tech.

At EnergyX, Milda is Chief of Staff, leading strategic planning to make the company a global leader in lithium extraction and solid-state battery development. She uses her expertise in market analysis, IP licensing, partnerships, and startups to create value. Milda is proud to help transform the energy industry with innovative solutions.

Melissa Carrington is Head of Attraction and Sourcing and is responsible for the talent attraction strategy at Anglo American, leading a team of global sourcers.

With a strong focus on the employee journey, being an employer of choice, Melissa is passionate about reimagining the way the business approaches, attracts and engages talent.

Date and time

Wed 12 Jun, 2024
03:00 pm