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The Consulting market is becoming increasingly niche and expertise driven. Whilst the industries Consultancy organisations operate across may be wide-ranging, many are facing similar challenges and transformational changes as a result of the pandemic. Technological advancements are at the height of these changes.

CSG Talent work in close collaboration with Consultancies particularly within the Federal Technology space. The pandemic highlighted the growing role of technology in reaching citizens and ensuring continuity of essential services in a time of emergency. However, government has struggled to acquire individuals with digital skills who can make the most of this technology.

Not only is there the challenge of acquiring emerging digital talent, but the government is also on the cusp of losing decades of institutional knowledge, expertise, and experience to civil service retirements.

Federal agencies cannot rely on existing tools to attract digital talent. Leaders can play to their unique advantage: the impact that digital talent can expect to have while in federal service. Bridging the federal government’s looming digital talent gap requires flexibility, innovation, and commitment.

CSG Talent partner with leading consultancies who need support in their talent acquistion strategy to address the talent gap. We have experienced consultants with a track record of attracting the next generation of leaders with the right digital skill set who have the ability to align to and drive new strategies.

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CSG's specialist Consultancy recruitment consultants specialise within Federal Technology, covering a range of senior level roles.

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