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Over the past two years, the Banking and Finance industry has shown tenacity in its ability to navigate unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Financial services organisations across the world have helped people, organisations and governments get back on their feet during the global pandemic.

However the Banking and Finance industry is not in the clear yet, with a convergence of geopolitical and economic challenges – inflation, supply chain disruptions and the ever-looming possibility of a global recession, there is plenty keeping executives in this field busy. These tribulations raise concerns across the board and in turn we are also seeing an increase in regulations and requirements around transparency. Additionally, there is an acute shortage of talent in this space and many professionals within Banking and Finance are raising their salary expectations to compensate.

These challenges coupled with the ever-growing demands of the industry are leaving organisations struggling to find the right people to join their team. CSG Talent can assist businesses in this space to alleviate the stress of Banking and Finance recruitment, we can help organisations to understand their value to position themselves as an employer of choice in a talent short market and attract high qualified talent to join their team and tackle industry pressures head on.

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