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Tyrone Lovell

Senior Recruitment Consultant

  • Industry: Software & Software Development
  • Regions covered: US & EMEA

Tyrone is a Senior Recruitment Consultant working in Healthcare IT with a specialist focus on DevOps and Cloud. Recruiting for a variety of positions including VP of Information Technology, Director of Software Engineering, DevOps Engineer and Director of Infrastructure and Technology Services, Tyrone works with SME’s as well as Global Organisations.

Tyrone brings with him a successful track record of providing tailored recruitment solutions and facilitating candidates to make effective career moves. Tyrone has built up his knowledge of the industry and has a genuine passion for recruitment which he has brought to the team at CSG Talent.

Connecting with people is the best part of a career in recruitment. I enjoy learning about their professional goals and using that information paired with extensive market knowledge and a strong network of contacts to place them in their dream job.”

If you are looking for a bespoke recruitment solution for your business or if you are considering a progressive career move in the Healthcare IT sector, contact Tyrone at or call +1 (646) 569-9823

Tyrone's insights