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Miriam Pedersen-Smith

Head of Talent

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Miriam’s role as Head of Talent is to build on our experienced recruiter portfolio at CSG Talent. Her focus is to support the growth plans of the business while also enhancing our strong employer brand and delivering a positive candidate experience. Miriam works closely with the Board, SLT and Managers to attract experienced recruiters across the business.

Miriam has a Masters in Sports Management at Loughborough University and prior to joining the CSG Talent she worked for Women in Football. A big focus in her role was to attract and retain more women in football. Miriam is driven by talent attraction strategies with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, an area she feels passionately about. She is keen to drive recruitment in a culture with full autonomy for all, while still having the support and resource needed to develop a successful career.

“I’m inspired by the opportunity to work closely with internal managers and external candidates to find great matches and grow the business and its culture. This allows me to support the organic growth of CSG and support candidates in their progression and growth.”

If you’re keen to pursue a career in recruitment and would like the opportunity to hear more on life at CSG talent, please get in touch with Miriam;

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