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Michael Rhodes

Head of Technology and Software

  • Industry: Software & Software Development
  • Regions covered: US and EMEA

Michael is a highly experienced Recruiter, specialising in Technology, specifically within software development, software testing, project managers, business analyst, product manager, product owner, data developers/engineers, software architects, DevOps. Michael works with a range of companies varying in size, from SME's to major corporate players.

Michael has expert knowledge of the Technology markets in the North of England, he takes pride in his efforts to shape and grow the market and has proven success in delivering exceptional results when headhunting specific skills sets within the technology sector.

“I take great pleasure in meeting candidates, understanding their life position and seeing how I can help transform that for the better, whether that be their salary, package or promotion for career development and fully understand what that means to them and their family. I also enjoy meeting clients who have previously had difficulty filling their roles and then delivering on their requirements at pace.”

Michael has a great level of understanding of the market and confidently manages complex client recruitment needs by effectively sourcing high calibre talent for his clients.

If you would like to find out more about the recruitment services Michael offers, you can contact him on +44 (0) 113 416 6491 or email

Michael 's insights


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