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Cassie Jackson-Mills

Senior Researcher

  • Industry: Engineered Products & Solutions, HVAC/R
  • Regions covered: US and EMEA

Cassie is a Senior Researcher working to support our team of expert consultants across various industries including HVAC/R, Industrial Engineering and the Federal Technology sector. She works primarily across the Europe and the USA, recruiting for a wide variety of roles including Program Management, Capture Management, Solutions Architect, Enterprise Architect, Software Engineer and Systems Engineer.

Cassie has been at CSG Talent for several years, where she has built expertise and knowledge on the entire recruitment process and candidate journey, allowing her to deliver exceptional service, with a strong track record of successfully identifying candidates and finding the best roles for them.

“I love that my role allows me to work across more than one industry, it provides the opportunity to gain an understanding of a range of sectors and roles and the varying needs of clients and candidates across those areas.”

If you’re keen to grow your team or you are seeking a new opportunity, please get in touch with Cassie at or call +44 (0)113 416 6466

Cassie 's insights