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Ben Mair

Manager - Consumer and FMCG

  • Industry: Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Regions covered: US and EMEA

Ben is a highly experienced specialist recruiter with over a decade of experience working specifically within Consumer and FMCG Recruitment. Ben focuses predominantly on consumer goods, within food and beverage, working with small to medium sized organisations.

Having worked in the consumer sector for most of his career, Ben has always been passionate about food and beverage, he has in-depth knowledge of companies and market trends and loves working at CSG Talent where he has the opportunity to support clients across the globe.

Ben has worked on some great transformation and expansion plans with businesses and worked with exciting brands in the food and beverage industry, some of these he has experienced grow from under £5m to £100m in revenue.

"I love seeing the products of companies I've worked with on supermarket shelves, especially when I know I was working with that brand before they experienced rapid growth and success. There is a real sense of shared accomplishment in seeing that!"

If you're keen explore a new opportunity within this sector, or looking to hire senior level positions, please get in touch with Ben for more information: or 0113 4166 495.