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Success Stories

CSG Talent working in partnership with SEMCO


SEMCO are global leaders in air management solutions, providing commercial and industrial ventilation systems to a vast variety of sectors. Part of the FlaktGroup, they have a huge international presence and pride themeselves on the highest quality of standards for safety, comfort and wellbeing.

Recommended by a previous client, one of our consultants was appointed as sole recruiter for SEMCO when their Research and Development Director was relocating. The company needed assistance in finding a qualified and experienced replacement and engaged with CSG Talent to support their talent acquisition strategy.

We knew the complexity and potential challenge we would face with our recruitment needs therefore we chose to partner with CSG Talent, following a positive recommendation from the company President & CEO.

The Challenge

Recruiting a Senior Position in a New Market

As such a key role in a growing, global company, the position of Research & Development Director at SEMCO required a candidate with a very specific blend of skills and work experience. The role had a vast range of responsibilities, managing a large part of the company and with ownership of a team of engineers. It was pivotal to get someone with not only the relevant skills and experience but also with the appropriate leadership style.

This role also required relocation, as the position was based in Columbia, Missouri. Naturally, this made the assignment even more challenging. SEMCO, aware that there was very little chance of the right calibre of candidate being freely available and understanding the complexity of their requirements, decided to partner with CSG Talent.

The Results

In total, our consultant contacted over 40 candidates, carried out over 20 interviews and shortlisted seven of these for SEMCO to review. After interviewing two of the candidates CSG put forward, SEMCO hired one for the role.

This was a result of perseverance and years of experience, our advanced technical knowledge allowing for the easy filter of candidates, and also for measuring culture fit.

CSG's relationship with SEMCO and FlaktGroup continues to develop as we discuss further ways to support their expanding organisation.

The Process

In order to reach the talent market in its entirety, CSG Talent carried out a detailed market map, conducting thorough research of the location we were recruiting.

CSG then conducted an in-depth, direct head hunt search, through our vast network of candidates. Our consultant completed expansive networking through CSG’s database, utilising personal recommendations, candidate references and research of the field.

CSG carried out numerous Skype and telephone interviews overseas, shortlisting candidates not only based on experience but also recommendations, motivations and culture fit, all the while keeping in regular contact with SEMCO.