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Success Stories

CSG Talent working in partnership with Nexans


As the third largest cabling manufacturer in the world, Nexans is a French company with a global reputation for quality. Focussing primarily on the manufacture of copper and optical fibre cable for the infrastructure, industrial and construction markets, the company has carved out an industrial presence in nearly 40 countries, employs over 25,000 staff and registers billions of pounds worth of sales each year.

After a lengthy and unsuccessful recruitment process sourcing a Sales Director, Nexans engaged with CSG Talent to work in partnership with them to source the talent essential to add value in the role.

The Need for Recruitment Specialists

Nexans had been struggling to fill their German Sales Director role for some time, and had even enlisted the services of another recruitment company on a retained assignment. After four months, they weren’t happy with the quality of CVs being submitted, and it was at this point that our consultant contacted Nexans to ask whether they could assist with the role.

Although Nexans were understandably less than keen to retain another agency for the vacancy after the disappointing experience with their first, they agreed to work with us. The company wanted talent with extensive industry experience – a challenge given the market’s already limited talent pool. Accordingly, our consultant made this role a priority, scouring his network and following up all recommendations.

The Results

CSG managed to shortlist three candidates, who all made it to the third and final stage of Nexans’ interview process, something none of the candidates recommended by previous recruitment businesses had managed. One candidate stood out in the final process – the first person CSG had recommended to Nexans. This candidate was made an offer, and was so keen to make a positive start he used his three month notice period with the previous business to work on leads for Nexans.

A Lasting Partnership

Following an extremely successful start, Nexans came back to CSG with further work, as the last candidate was ‘exactly the kind of person [they] were looking for’.

Having now successfully worked on numerous Sales Director roles, in both Holland and Germany, our consultant maintains a working relationship with Nexans, recruiting across Europe for them.