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Success Stories

CSG Talent working in partnership with Minova


Founded over 130 years ago, Minova is a global manufacturer and supplier of chemical and mechanical earth control products. Operating on major plants across five continents and in over 25 countries, Minova is an industry leader, providing ground support solutions for underground Mining, Tunnelling, Construction, and Civil Engineering industries.

The team at CSG Talent have helped the company to develop their employer brand, and successfully placed numerous major roles and continue to work in close partnership, recruiting key global positions.

I have always had an extremely responsive, first class service, they never fail to provide a steady stream of high calibre candidates who fit the profile provided. They worked extremely hard to find out as much as possible about our business and always ensure an in-depth insight into each role, and go the extra mile to provide the very highest level of service.
Recruitment Lead, Europe

The Challenge

Attracting A New Type Of Candidate

When our consultant began work with Minova, they were struggling to attract new candidates. Having split off from their parent company Orica, Minova recognised the need to develop their employer brand.

Minova wanted to target those applying to the likes of Google and Apple – to change their perception of mining as being strictly underground and highly traditional. Instead, Minova wanted to show themselves as a modern business with great progression opportunities and scope for development.

They also wanted to promote the other industries they worked within, alongside mining, in order to attract a more diverse workforce. 

CSG Talent Value Added Services: Employer Branding

Working with their HR Department, CSG developed a new employer brand for Minova  with a clear, unique positioning, key taglines targeting diverse talent, and a broad range of engaging company imagery. Outputs included a candidate pack with employee 'stories', example job adverts and a digital campaign. By marketing themselves more effectively and highlighting the breadth of job roles they had available, Minova were able to create a name for themselves as modern operators within the industry, reaching candidates they were previously unknown to.

This employer brand positioning stretched worldwide, as CSG helped Minova to adopt this new employer brand across all their global offices and to ensure that every candidate would have the same experience.

An on-going relationship

With a completely new employer brand, Minova are able to attract a diverse range of candidates, to grow and develop alongside the company.

The CSG team continue to work closely with Minova, placing major roles in Australia, South Africa, Europe and South America. We have made multiple successful placements  – Marketing Manager, Strategic Procurement Manager, Regional Director of CIS and Global Head of IT to name a few – and continue to focus on several other senior positions.