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Success Stories

CSG Talent working in partnership with LivaNova


LivaNova is a leading manufacturer of medical devices, specialising in technologies for cardiac surgery, cardiac rhythm management and neuromodulation. With over five decades of experience, and a multinational workforce of over 4500 employees, LivaNova are a renowned global enterprise.

LivaNova were in need of CSG Talent's full resources and talent acquisition experience to find a suitable match quickly.

The Challenge

The position of Vice President at LivaNova’s Latin American unit was a major position with a huge number of responsibilities, and the company was under considerable pressure to fill the vacancy within a short time frame of one month.

Familiar with CSG’s consultant already, and knowing their service to be efficient and reliable, LivaNova’s Global VP of HR made contact with CSG to help fill this role. This was a retained assignment; LivaNova needed CSG’s full resources and attention to find a match quickly.

The Results

For the Latin American role, the whole process - from initial briefing to LivaNova’s offer - took three weeks, with three candidates put forward by CSG and one of those hired immediately after interview.

Following this success, CSG were asked to help place LivaNova’s Commercial Director of EMEA, which was again completed within three weeks.

LivaNova have also presented CSG with the role of Vice President of MEACAT (Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Turkey), again in a retained assignment for which two candidates have been taken through to the final stage.

Our consultant remains in close contact with the company, and CSG is now LivaNova’s go-to recruitment service partner, consistently delivering the highest quality candidates within short time frames.

Committed to Finding the Right Match

Our consultant flew out to Milan to meet the business’ CEO, knowing that this would help facilitate a full understanding of the LivaNova’s unique culture and values. After spending time with their executive team, our consultant fully understood the parameters of the role, and the precise calibre of candidate that the company needed.

Working a confidential case with only a small talent pool from which to recruit - and one in which many of the appropriate candidates were in regular contact with each other - this was a complex placement. As a headhunt assignment, it involved the use of both CSG’s existing global network, and further networking from existing CVs and referrals, to build a wider group of contacts within this emerging BRIC market.