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The Challenge

Our client - a global gold mining company was in the process of expanding its main site based in Europe. 

To support future business growth, our client needed to recruit five new roles. As part of their talent acquisition strategy, the business needed to make a strategic decision whether to recruit local talent or source talent internationally to widen the talent pool.

To inform their talent stategy decision, our client required insights into remuneration packages and to have an understanding of the talent available, with the necessary skills across specific locations.

The bespoke project tailored to our needs allowed us to gain the talent and market insights needed to decide appropriate locations and pipeline suitable candidates.

Our Solution

Our expert opinion was to run a bespoke project with the aim of delivering the talent insights needed for the company to make an informed strategic decision on who and where to hire.

To do this, we researched the talent landscape. We spoke with highly skilled and qualified individuals in relevant organisations across proposed locations to gather market insights.

This research allowed us to identifiy the available talent in set locations and deliver a pipeline of engaged individuals for the proposed expansion of the business.

The data collated on remuneration packages helped inform the decision as to whether the company should hire local or international talent from a commercial perspective.


The Success

As a result of this project, our client was able to make an informed strategic decision.

The profiles of engaged candidates we provided enabled the business to hire for these roles in a more timely and cost-effective manner at a future date.

At CSG Talent, we worked with our client as a brand ambassador throughout the talent strategy process. The relationships built and candidates engaged led to an increase in acceptance rates.

The Results

Our research findings provided our client with an in-depth understanding of where talent was situated, as well as the expected remuneration packages across the proposed locations. We were able to advise our client to employ local talent for four of the roles. The salaries were considerably lower than those of internationally based individuals.

For the remaining role, of a higher level, we advised our client that an international recruitment campaign was preferable to access a wider talent pool.

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