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Sha Marthenis

Marketing Executive

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Sha is an experienced Marketing and Communications professional with three academic qualifications under her belt; Bachelor of Marketing, Bachelor of International Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Communications (PR) from the University of South Australia.

With 10 years of experience Sha has worked in a range of industries from natural medicine, renewable energy, higher education as well as local and state government. Sha brings a wealth of knowledge on marketing and communications in different industries. She has joined the CSG team to help strengthen the connection between the UK and Australian business, working on aligning the brand across the board and ensuring consistency in messaging. Sha is focused on building the brand within the Australian market and supporting consultants to build their personal brands.

Sha’s passion is sharing messages that serve others and developing brand story. She is experienced in strategy, design, campaigns, digital marketing and traditional marketing.

“CSG has a strong brand and genuine story of connecting the right people to the right companies, I love that and am excited to help share this message.”