Louis Toyne

  • Industry: Health Sciences, Life Science
  • Regions covered:

Louis is an expert consultant in the Bioinformatics space, specialising in Genomics, Personalised Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. He works with a diverse range of businesses in the Biotech sector recruiting for a variety of senior level roles including Directors of Bioinformatics & Data Science. Louis is committed to developing his knowledge and expertise in AI and Machine Learning to unlock market insights and deliver innovative recruitment solutions across Europe.

“I have created some phenomenally valuable long term partnerships with clients which has been really rewarding.  I also feel a great sense of achievement when I see a candidate that I have placed thriving in their new role. Working with a lot of bioinformatics companies and speaking with Scientists and CEOs, I feel inspired by their dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge and human health. Ultimately what they are trying to do is overcome the most complex and debilitating health issues faced in today's world. Through drug discovery, hours of coding and developing software to better understand genetic makeup, they are putting themselves at the forefront of solving biological issues.”