Emily Austin

Senior Business Consultant - Nutraceutical and Ingredients

  • Industry: Health Sciences, Life Science
  • Regions covered:

Emily is a Senior Business Consultant specialising in Nutraceuticals and Ingredient Solutions. She works with ingredient manufacturers, contract manufacturers and distributors across the globe in the dietary supplement industry. Emily collaborates primarily with SME’s recruiting for mid-senior to executive level positions with a focus in commercial business functions.

Emily is engaged with the growing importance of nutraceuticals and takes an active role in contributing to the industry by connecting talented professionals with innovative companies. She is part of the Women in Nutraceutical organisation and through this has grown a robust network of likeminded thought leaders and has been a guest speaker at the Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) press stage.

"I'm passionate about finding exceptional candidates for my clients in the nutraceutical industry. Through in-depth market research, identifying key players, and active networking, I ensure a thorough understanding of the sector and its top talent. Additionally, I'm dedicated to building diverse and robust teams, emphasising inclusivity to provide our clients with a broad range of talented individuals, contributing to dynamic and inclusive work environments."